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Gorm Moto

NX650 Skid plate *PREORDER*

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Aluminium skid plate, 5mm thickness. Covers the full length of the engine and frame, large hole to access oil drain plug from below. All service can be done without removing the skid plate. Subtle Gorm Moto branding on the front.

Installation requires the OEM toolkit to be removed and the lower tab for the toolbox to be cut off.

Comes with all hardware to be installed. Designed for RD08 but should be compatible with RD02 also.

This item will go into production once 5 or more orders are placed, if this is not reached by the end of the year all orders will be refunded. Delivery is calculated to early 2023.

All images are pre-renders, final design may diverge slightly.

Fabricated by Hookie



5mm aluminium
Powder coated black or Raw finish


Estimated 2.2kg

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